The 5 Best Ventless Portable Air Conditioners

The 5 Best Ventless Portable Air Conditioners

There is no need to suffer those long and dreadful hot days. The best ventless portable air conditioners will deliver fast and effective cooling with ease. They are efficient, easy to use, and affordable. Why battle when there is such an easy solution? 

Our top pick is the Hessaire MC37M Portable Evaporative Cooler. It has the ability to cool a room as large as 950 square feet. It is portable and has casters for ease of movement and is user-friendly. This product stood out as the best of the popular ventless portable air conditioners we reviewed. 

We take a closer look at this and a few other models so that there is something for all needs, budgets, and environments. Many have additional features that might appeal to you. We offer some pointers on what to look out for when making your buying decisions and then answer some of the questions many people ask when making up their minds. 

Read on to find out all you need to know. 

Our Selection of The 5 Best Ventless Portable Air Conditioners:

1. Hessaire MC37M Portable Evaporative Cooler

Hessaire MC37M Portable Evaporative Cooler
Dimensions24 x 16 x 38 inches
Weight39 pounds
Coverage area950 Sq ft. 

You don’t have to take our word for it that this is one of the best ventless portable air conditioners. The reviews and the heaps of positive feedback speak for themselves. This is a corded electric cooler that is durable, fast, effective, and efficient. 

Although it is not that light is sports four sturdy lockable casters making it easy to move to where you need cool air. It can process 3, 100 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) and will be effective in a large room, up to 950 square feet. 

Despite the power, it is still a compact design that will not look out of place in any environment. It is super easy to use and has rotary controls. These allow you to adjust the oscillation, the pump, and the fan. You have the option of a manual or continuous fill system. This is a great convenience. 

What makes it even more efficient and effective is the air swing delivery technology. This ensures that that cool air is delivered at speed and to all parts of the area. Given this power, you would expect it to be quite noisy but fortunately, that is not an issue and it is relatively silent for such a powerful machine. 

This is a popular and highly rated ventless portable air conditioner that comes highly recommended. It offers good value for money and is solidly built to last many years.  

2. Whynter ARC-14S Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

Whynter ARC-14S 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner
Dimensions16 x 19 x 35.5 inches
Weight‎80 pounds
Coverage area500 Sq ft. 

This is a super-fast award-winning air conditioner that is highly acclaimed and a top-seller. It is the perfect solution for rooms up to 500 square feet. It delivers up to 14000 BTU so has plenty of cooling power. 

It is highly versatile and can function as a fan, dehumidifier, or air conditioner. Like a dehumidifier, it has an impressive 71-pint capacity. The fan has three-speed options. 

The unit uses minimal power so will save you costs while also being eco-friendly. It is portable and easy to move from room to room when needed.  

The Whynter ARC-14S is what you need for small to medium rooms. It has a dual hose option for added convenience. The auto drain feature makes it a breeze to use and means less effort on your side. 

It is a durable air conditioner that will last you many years of operation. It works quickly and is extremely effective. 

Included in the kit is a protective cover. This has a pocket to store the remote control, exhaust hose, and window kit. It will keep the unit safe when it is in storage or being moved. 

3. Haier HPP08XCR 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Haier HPP08XCR 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
Dimensions11.81 x 27.19 x 12.56 inches
Weight44 pounds
Coverage area200 Sq ft.

The  HPP08XCR by Haier is a great corded electric option for smaller rooms. It is a 900-watt unit that delivers 8000 BTU and can cover an area of up to 200 square feet. It is compact and has a neat modern design that will look good anywhere. 

The remote control is very handy and gives you convenient control over the unit. It also has a timer that can be set up to 24 hours. This is ideal for cooling bedrooms or other areas and will help to reduce running costs. 

The time and temperature controls are electronic and user-friendly. There are three fan and cooling options depending on your needs and there is also a dehumidifier mode. The permanent mesh filter is washable and this task is quick and easy. 

This popular option is ideal for smaller spaces, does not use a lot of power, and is easy to use. It is light and slim so will not take up much space and is easy to move if needed. 

4. Honeywell 470-659 470 CFM Portable Indoor Evaporative Cooler

Honeywell 470-659 470 CFM Portable Indoor Evaporative Cooler
Dimensions14.6 x 18.9 x 32.9 inches
Weight23.4 pounds
Coverage area280 Sq ft.

Honeywell is a popular and trusted brand and this swamp or indoor evaporative air cooler will create a cool and pleasant environment in rooms up to 280 square feet. It uses 288 watts and has an airflow capacity of 470 Cubic Feet Per Minute.

It is the ideal option in hot dry areas. The air filter will remove most impurities and carbon dust from the air for cool clean air and easier breathing. 

It is super-easy to use and comes with a handy remote control. The ice compartment allows you to increase the speed and cooling potential of the unit. It also has a convenient low water alert. 

Other features include an adjustable humidifier that is also user-friendly and a timer for convenience and energy saving.  It can be used as a humidifier only if cooling is not required. The device is energy efficient so does not cost a fortune to operate. 

The oscillating louvers are effective at getting cool moist air to all areas. It has a natural feel as if you were in a cool outdoor environment. There is a choice of four fan speeds for the ideal effect.  

The water tank is easy to fill and the entire unit is built to make your life easier and cooler. It has a modern design and is compact and portable. 

5. hOmeLabs Evaporative Cooler – Cooling Fan with 3 Wind Modes

hOmeLabs Evaporative Cooler - Cooling Fan with 3 Wind Modes
Dimensions‎14.7 x 13.1 x 34 inches
Weight‎18.45 pounds
Coverage area200 Sq ft. 

hOmeLabs is another trusted brand and this evaporative cooler is ideal for cooling rooms up to 200 square feet. It has a sleek modern look and a compact design. This makes it suitable in any environment and it will not take up too much space. 

This is a swamp cooler designed for indoor use. You can add ice water to the 10-liter tank for additional cooling power if necessary. The device is user-friendly and has a convenient LED control panel. It also comes with remote control. 

You can adjust the temperature, speed, swing direction, and mode either on the machine or with the remote. There are three power levels for the ideal temperature according to your needs. Additionally, it has a normal, natural, or sleep-wind mode. 

The vents oscillate which helps to distribute the cool air evenly throughout the room. It makes use of water to cool the air and has no gas or compressors. This improves the air humidity and does not dry the air. It creates a comfortable and healthy environment. 

The time can be programmed for up to 24 hours so this is an excellent option for cool air when you sleep. It uses minimal energy so will not cost a fortune to operate. It also has a low water indicator to warn you when the water is running low. 

The nylon filter is reusable and helps to remove pet hairs, dust, and other impurities in the air. It is easy to clean and maintain for optimal air health and cooling. 

What to look for when buying ventless portable air conditioner

Here are the most important aspects to consider before parting with your hard-earned cash and investing in a ventless portable air conditioner. 

Coverage area

The cooling capacity of your air conditioner will determine the size of the space that it can effectively cool. There is no point in getting one that is not up to the job of cooling the space you intend to use it in. It will only disappoint you. 

Our reviews indicate the coverage area that each model can cool so choose accordingly. Using one that does not have the capacity for the room size will not be effective at keeping you cool. 


Some are more portable than others. Size and weight are important factors. Casters make a heavier unit easier to move around. 


Apart from the portability aspect, you also want the air conditioner to be compact so that it does not use up too much space in the room you want to use it. Some models are rather bulky while many are sleek and compact. 


As this is a product that is used in your home you want it to look good. Give some thought to the style of your living area. Some air conditioners have a very modern look while some are more basic. Do not get one that looks unpleasant. 

Ease of use

You do not want to hassle with the air conditioner. The easier it is to operate, the better. Simple basic controls are all that is needed. LEDs are handy to show you the status of the unit. Remote control is a massive convenience as it allows you to change the settings without getting up. 

A digital display is also handy but not essential. Timers and other features add to the convenience of the device. 


You do not want to be disturbed by a loud noisy air conditioner. This is even more important if it is to be used in a bedroom. Some have a sleep mode which is handy. Look for a model that makes minimal noise. 

Most manufactures will list the noise level which is normally measured in decibels (dBA). This will allow you to compare the various models. Fortunately,  ventless portable air conditioners are one of the quieter cooling options available. 

Water Tank Size 

This is an important factor as if the tank is too small you will spend a lot of time and energy topping it up. 


Some models have design elements or special features that make them more expensive. The more powerful units will also cost a bit more. That is not to say the more affordable options are no good and there are some very well-priced ventless portable air conditioners that do a great job. 


Here are the answers to a few questions that popped up often during our research. 

What are the different ways water is removed from ventless portable air conditioners? 

During the process of cooling a portable air conditioner will accumulate moisture and the water needs to be removed from the unit. This condensation can be removed in different ways. 

Water tank

This is the most common method and consists of a water tank that is manually removed and emptied. On quality models with a good design, this process is quick and easy. A larger tank will mean less effort. 

Automatic Drainage

Some models can be set up to drain automatically. This is convenient as, once set up, there is little to nothing that has to be done when using the air conditioner. It does, however, reduce the portability of the unit. 

Connecting the drainage hose is a simple process and does not require advanced DIY skills or special equipment. The main thing you need is an outlet where the drainage pipe can be fed through to a convenient area. 

Automatic Evaporation

This technology is found in some of the more advanced models. Water does not condensate so there is no need to dispose of any excess moisture or water accumulation. This makes these models a breeze to operate and maintain. 

What is a swamp cooler? 

Many people are confused by this term and it might not sound appealing until you understand it. Traditional air conditioners use compressors and refrigerants (gas) to cool the air. Many ventless portable air conditioners use an evaporative process to reduce the air temperature. 

They use a fan to draw in the old warm air and run it over cooling pads that are wet. This process cools the air for a more comfortable environment. Many also have filters to reduce impurities in the air. This cooling system requires a fresh source of air so ventilation is necessary. 

How do I maintain my ventless portable air conditioner?

Fortunately, little to no maintenance is required. Apart from emptying the water tank, the only important thing to do often is to keep the unit clean. 

Keep the housing clean at all times by using a damp cloth. Clean the evaporative elements with lukewarm soapy water monthly. If there is a build-up of mildew it should be sprayed with a disinfectant. 

When the cooler months return it is important that you store the unit correctly. Drain the water tank and all lines and give it a good clean. Ensure that it is dry and cover it before storing it in a safe dry area. 

Can a ventless portable air conditioner be used in a server room?

This is a common question as these spaces require low temperatures. A quality model will be safe and effective in maintaining a low temperature in any server room. 

Are ventless portable air conditioners expensive to run? 

One of the many advantages of these options is that they do not use gas and compressors like traditional fixed air conditioners This makes them extremely efficient and cost-effective to run. 

Final thoughts

The best ventless portable air conditioners will bring you rapid relief from the dry heat of summer. They are affordable, easy to use and deliver rapid cooling to your room. We have reviewed some of the most popular models on the market. You also have all the information needed to make an informed decision. 

Find the one that will work best for the size of the room you wish to cool that has the features you need and fits your budget. You are sure to find the ideal option for your needs in the reviews above. 

Stay cool.