How Many Air Conditioners to Hatch a Wyvern Egg (Answered)

Ark: Survival Evolved’s Wyvern Egg is one of the most valuable items. Requiring high temperatures to hatch, these rare gems can only be found in nature or purchased from stores, requiring time and patience in their search and cultivation. While finding and raising one may take patience and time – however there are ways you can ensure maximum results from it, including using air conditioners to maintain optimal temperatures so as not to risk too cold or too warm an environment for its development.

In the video game ARK: Survival Evolved, the typical number of air conditioners needed to incubate a Wyvern egg is usually around 15-20, but this can vary depending on the ambient temperature in the area where you’re trying to incubate the egg. Always monitor the egg’s incubation progress and adjust conditions as necessary.

First step to hatching an egg: Locate it in the world by looting from wyverns or finding it in nests. Once obtained, add it to your inventory for hatching process; this may take up to two days and be monitored carefully; cracked open eggs or damage could indicate hatching success!

As soon as your egg has hatched, it is critical that it receives proper nourishment. Baby wyverns require milk from female wyverns or alpha wyverns in order to survive; once fully grown you may tame and use as a mount.

If you aren’t sure of how many air conditioners to use when hatching a Wyvern egg, start with 2-3 small units for small eggs and 3-4 large units for medium ones as a good starting point. This should provide enough air conditioners to keep the temperature consistent throughout. Likewise, ensure all air conditioners are evenly spread around so as to create even temperature distribution within the egg.

Use a room heater to gently warm an egg for hatching, providing consistent temperatures that increase its chances of hatching. Furthermore, keep it away from heat sources such as fire as this could deflate it further. In addition, using a thermometer allows you to monitor its temperature.

Egg incubators can also achieve this same result; however, this requires more space and may cost more to construct. Furthermore, regular monitoring is key; if any eggs don’t appear to be incubating properly then additional air conditioners should be added as soon as possible.

The Wyvern Egg can be the hardest item to hatch in Ark, yet its reward makes the effort worthwhile. Players using it as bait can tame and feed a Wyvern from it as food sources; it will not be as strong though; to successfully do this it is important that players ensure there is plenty of Wyvern Milk at their fingertips in order to successfully do this taming feat.