Why Is The Air Conditioner Not Cooling The House? (Answered)

As most homeowners focus on purchasing new air conditioners, maintaining existing units, and performing regular air conditioning maintenance, some homeowners may find themselves dealing with an air conditioner that runs but fails to cool their house. In this article, we’ll look at common causes behind why your AC unit may not be cooling sufficiently and offer troubleshooting tips to address the issue.

Several reasons may cause your AC not to cool: incorrect thermostat settings, dirty filters, low refrigerant levels, faulty compressor or condenser, or an undersized unit. Consult a professional for persistent issues.

Could Incorrect Thermostat Settings Be the Problem?

One of the first places to look when experiencing issues with an air conditioner running but not cooling is your thermostat. If your unit’s cooling capacity seems inadequate, it could be that its thermostat has been set too high or moved accidentally from its original position – simply resetting may solve this problem; otherwise, it may require professional services.

Is Low Refrigerant Level Causing the Issue?

Your air conditioner might also be running without producing cold air due to low refrigerant levels; in such an instance, contact a qualified technician immediately as adding more refrigerant could prove harmful and dangerous for an already leaky system.

Are Dirty Filters the Culprit?

Air filters that have become clogged up with dirt are another frequent cause of AC systems that run but fail to cool the air effectively. Filters with dirt or debris restrict airflow, leading to an evaporator coil freezing over, which prevents heat transference out of your home. Be sure to replace it regularly and choose one with at least MERV-11 protection rating.

Is a Tripped Circuit Breaker To Blame?

Alternatively, if the thermostat and filter don’t seem to help solve the issue with your air conditioner not cooling, try checking your circuit breaker. A tripped breaker could block electricity to your compressor or outdoor fan motor, preventing your AC from functioning as designed. Reconnect it, and soon enough air should begin blowing through your vents once more!

Could an Undersized Unit Be the Issue?

Possible explanations for why your air conditioner isn’t cooling correctly include having too small an AC unit installed for your home. To ensure proper operation of the unit, professional HVAC technicians should size and install it as soon as possible.

What If None of the Troubleshooting Tips Work?

If your AC unit is still failing to cool as promised, turn it off immediately and contact a professional as soon as possible. Doing so will prevent further damage to your system and costly repair costs in the future. It is also imperative to turn it off prior to performing DIY repairs yourself as calling in a pro will not only save money, but will keep your home safe and comfortable throughout summertime.