Can a Heater Kill Bed Bugs? (Answered)

Heaters are devices designed to produce and radiate heat to warm objects or spaces, such as rooms or buildings. Heaters have become an indispensable tool in many businesses such as medical offices, schools and warehouses – but can they kill bed bugs?

Bed bug infestations are an all too familiar problem that can be hard to treat with traditional insecticides, yet are increasingly resistant to these blood-feeders. Physical treatments, like heat treatments, have become the preferred method for professional exterminators due to these pests’ increasing resistance against these pyrethroid-based poisons.

With DIY enthusiasts turning to household heaters in hopes of eliminating their bed bug problem themselves; unfortunately, these devices often are ineffective; this article explores whether heaters kill bed bugs and why traditional home or office heating methods would not be as successful when trying this route – giving advice from professional exterminators rather than DIY enthusiasts!

Answer to Can a Heater Kill Bed Bugs:

In general, space heaters do not reach temperatures high enough to kill bed bugs due to operating at temperatures of 90F to 110F – this temperature range simply does not provide sufficient heat to kill bed bugs and their eggs. Heat is one of the best tools available to effectively eliminate bed bug infestation, and commercial heaters must be used that can raise temperatures throughout a home to lethal levels and eliminate bed bug colonies.

Large fans should also be used in addition to heaters to help distribute air evenly throughout a home and direct it towards any corners, cracks or crevices where bed bugs could potentially hide. Digital temperature sensors must also be in place in order to ensure the lethal temperature reaches every corner.

As such, most attempts at using space heaters to combat bed bug infestation end in failure and wasteful expenditure of both time and money. To effectively combat bed bugs using heat treatment methods is to work with an experienced and licensed pest control company, where an exterminator will recommend the best heater to use in your home and can oversee its implementation from start to finish.

Pest control technicians typically possess not only specialized heaters but also high-temperature protective fans and other tools that can enhance their effectiveness. This equipment allows air circulation by pushing it into corners, crevices and furniture – which otherwise might act as barriers preventing lethal heat from reaching every corner of a room. Digital temperature sensors must also be available in order to track heat treatments across an entire home – not just one or two areas at once.

Professional bed bug heaters also offer homeowners invaluable assistance by helping to remove items from the home to facilitate heating processes. This can ensure all items are treated, while preventing items from melting due to extreme temperatures generated by professional heaters.