Where Is The Heater In The House? (Answered)

Did you know that where your heater is placed in the house can have a huge effect on its functionality and energy costs? Here are a few key points to keep in mind when deciding where to locate your heater.


Your kitchen can quickly become one of the warmest areas in your home. Packed full with appliances that produce heat – such as stoves, ovens and toasters – as well as natural sources like sunlight and your family members themselves, it often reads warmer than it really is and requires air conditioning before necessary.


Your hallways tend to remain empty most of the day, which reduces the accuracy of your heating and cooling system’s readings. As such, air conditioners may start running before they need to, leading to skyrocketing energy bills and ultimately driving up costs even more than expected.

Your heater should be located in the room that your family spends the most time, providing maximum comfort while saving on energy costs. This way, it will give the greatest return for investment while saving on bills!