Ark Scorched Earth – How Many Air Conditioners Do I Need For a Wyvern Egg? (Answered)

Ark Scorched Earth offers you the Lightning Wyvern as a formidable dragon that can cause major damage at once, drop items that can be used for crafting weapons and armour, and drop eggs that can help create weapons and armour. However, in order to tame this creature the key lies within stealing its egg; this article will detail how to do that in-game as well as offer basic tips on raising baby wyverns.

In ARK: Survival Evolved’s Scorched Earth expansion, hatching a Wyvern egg typically requires around 15-20 air conditioners under optimal conditions. This number may vary due to specific game conditions and your base location. Always monitor the egg’s incubation progress and adjust the temperature as needed.

Step one to finding a wyvern egg in Scorched Earth is to locate Lightning Wyverns at World Scar, located at 75 Latitude and 25 Longitude. Once there, you should find numerous Lightning Wyverns with eggs that you must avoid as these predatory birds will attack any who come near.

Once you’ve discovered a Wyvern egg, take it back to your base. Place it in a breeding chamber that can be created using crafting table foundations; 4 wide by 6 long foundations are recommended; then fill your breeding chamber with air conditioner units.

As it is essential that wyvern eggs require heat in order to hatch, air conditioning units provide an easy solution for controlling temperature in breeding chambers so the eggs hatch at an ideal temperature.

Doing it without an incubator may seem impossible in Ark, but it is possible. A wyvern egg requires high levels of heat in order to hatch; you should place it inside a building equipped with air conditioning units in order to maintain the required temperature for hatching.

As most eggs can be hatched at any temperature within reason, having an abundance of air conditioning units in your game inventory ensures you always have one on hand if necessary for hatching an egg.

Your game’s store offers incubators for purchase for a nominal cost in Engram points; however, using one isn’t recommended when hatching Wyvern eggs; air conditioners offer more control and can adjust temperature accurately – saving both time and money in the process. If no air conditioner exists within your game account, campfire and torch lighting methods work just as effectively – though monitoring carefully as keeping temperatures correct may prove more challenging with just campfire and torches as your source of heating.