How Long Do You Have to Wait to Turn on an Air Conditioner? (Answered)

As temperatures heat up and humidity increases, a reliable air conditioner becomes essential to enjoying a restful night’s rest. But nothing beats discovering that when you flip on your switch it doesn’t actually turn on! To avoid stressing over trying to fix it on a weekend filled with fun activities we advise taking the time now to ensure your AC is ready and functional before summer hits full force this year.

Wait Time for Turning On a New or Moved AC

How long should you wait before turning on an air conditioner? That depends on various circumstances. For example, when purchasing a portable air conditioner it should be allowed 24 hours to settle before plugging it in and turning it on; this ensures all components have an opportunity to settle and avoid any potential problems from occurring. This same rule should also apply when moving an existing window or portable AC.

Why the Wait is Necessary

The reason is, that the compressor unit that converts refrigerant from gas to liquid and back again needs time to reset after transportation and incorrect placement; otherwise, the oil that lubricates this mechanism can displace itself during transport or incorrect placement and cause it to fail sooner. For permanent installations, however, you are safe to turn on immediately as long as professional installation was undertaken.

Using Timers for Convenience and Pet Comfort

Those who must leave home early should set their air conditioning timer to operate at a lower temperature throughout the day while away. This allows you to conserve energy while keeping your apartment cool until your return at night. When setting the timer for pets, it’s essential to consider their comfort. Modern thermostats often come with timers that let you adjust the cooling schedule, ensuring your pets’ comfort while saving energy.

Troubleshooting a Non-Starting AC

If your air conditioner is having difficulty starting, shut off at the circuit breaker and wait 30 minutes before switching it back on at the thermostat. This can help determine if an unexpected power outage caused any damage.

Seeking Professional Help for AC Issues

If the AC still doesn’t restart, it’s advisable to contact a professional HVAC provider like Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning. Having an expert inspect your unit can ensure its issues are identified and rectified promptly. Don’t hesitate to schedule your air conditioner service appointment!