Dyna-Glo RMC-FA60DGD Propane Torpedo Heater Review

Dyna-Glo RMC-FA60DGD Propane Torpedo Heater Review

The cold winter months can make it hard to complete even the most routine tasks. Fortunately, heating systems come to your rescue effectively. They ensure you keep the chilly weather at bay and work in cozy comfort. Torpedo heaters, for instance, form an excellent way to heat spaces such as a garage, shop, or construction site. These heating systems are powered by kerosene, propane, or electricity.

The working mechanism involves a heated element and fan-forced heated air to providing the desired heating. If you are in search of a good quality space heater, the Dyna-Glo torpedo heater may be an ideal choice to consider.

The heater has several efficient features and safety protection besides many other desirable qualities. Let us look into the various features of this torpedo heater in detail in this review.

What to Look for in a Torpedo Heater

Since torpedo heaters are used for heating big spaces like shop space, garage etc. there are certain basic qualities this equipment should have. These include:

  • Portable and convenient to carry
  • Cool to touch thereby preventing burn injuries
  • Possess safety features like automatic shut off to protect from accidental fires
  • Tip-over switch for added protection
  • Wattage should be efficient for providing the necessary heating
  • Should have safety and quality certification for safe and effective use

Now let us see how the Dyna-Glo torpedo heater measures in terms of the above-mentioned qualities:

Dyna-Glo Torpedo Heater at a Glance


Dyna-Glo torpedo heaters made by GHP Group, Inc are reliable heaters that possess electronic ignition, sturdy motors, superior quality components, and long-lasting components. The torpedo heaters are capable of generating instant heat regardless of the space and time, so you can be assured that your job or project progresses unhindered even in the most freezing winter weather.

Here are the essential features you can find in Dyna-Glo Delux RMC-FA60DGD:

  • The heater works on LP (Propane gas)
  • The heating range is from 30,000 to 60,000 BTUs
  • It can heat an area of approximately 1,350 sq. ft
  • Ignition is of a continuous electronic type for preventing delayed ignition
  • Control of heating temperature is possible with adjustable angle enabling comfortable heating
  • The equipment includes a 10-inch hose and regulator
  • Protection from overheating is enabled with an auto shut off feature
  • It requires 40, 20, or 100 LB propane cylinder
  • Has CSA certification for safety

Superior Performance

The motor in the Dyna-Glo heater is a capacitor motor of the permanent split type which offers the best in terms of reliability. Unlike the disposable style of motors with a shaded pole which does not have good construction grade, the Dyna-Glo motor offers durability and efficiency.

The heater uses a very low pressure of 0.5 PSI system that provides consistent maximum outputs of BTU even in very cold environments. Heaters that operate at a higher range of about 10 to 20 PSI give a low BTU output with low temperature. This can freeze the fuel tank and become dangerous when compared to the heaters operating at low pressure when there is a leak. Thus Dyna-Glo offers safety and quality with its efficient pressure and heat output settings.

Quality Construction

Dyna-Glo torpedo heater is a sturdy and rugged model made of superior quality materials. The brass nozzle is a durable burner that provides reliable performance and is indestructible when compared to burners made of stainless steel.

The motor in the heater is mounted using a sturdy bracket that is attached to the lower shell.  While the motor can be mounted in an easier way that is also cheaper, the way the motor is mounted in the rear in Dyna-Glo makes the design more durable. This also allows for better performance and also lasts longer. The Torpedo heater is enclosed in a steel base to keep the motor and other parts from debris and dust. This ensures the heater stays good for a longer time than the models that have plastic or open bases.

The dimension of the product is 20.1 inches x 10 inches x 14.8 inches and it weighs 16.8 pounds making it compact and portable for use in different conditions.

Convenience Oriented Design

Dyna-Glo torpedo heater has several convenient features that enable comfortable and effective use of the heater. The adjustable leg design helps you to increase or reduce the heat angle ensuring good control over a comfortable heat setting.

Adjustable Legs

The package is easy to unbox and assemble. It will take just 3 to 5 minutes to have the entire set up ready to use. The package includes the motor with its sturdy enclosing, regulator and a hose of 10 inches.

The steps for assembly are simple. Attach the handle and connect the regulator and hose to the main body of the heater and plug the unit.  Watch this YouTube video to know how easy it is to set up and use:

The Piezo electronic ignition switch is situated in such a way that you can use it single-handedly once you plug the unit. When you switch the power on, the propane fuel is heated, which powers the fan installed inside the heater. The fan rotates at the speed set to give instant heat. The instruction manual gives detailed and easy-to-understand instructions making the process easier.

High Level Of Safety

The CSA safety certification and automatic shut off when the motor overheats are good safety features that ensure you are safe from any serious burns or injuries. The heater is fitted with safety sensors that are integrated into the device. Thus in the case of flameouts or overheating, the sensor immediately helps shut off the system. The product also has a tip-over switch in addition to UL listing and CSA certification guaranteeing its users’ very safe handling features.

Pros of Using the Dyna-Glo Torpedo Heater

  • Even the lowest heating setting provides constant heating that is warm and comfortable
  • The design is very compact and ergonomic to use
  • Provides efficient and powerful heating performance
  • Adjustable BTU is very convenient

Cons of Using the Dyna-Glo Torpedo Heater

  • The blower produces too much noise which can be very disturbing
  • Lower heat setting would be appreciated
  • The ignition switch needs some coaxing before it can be lit
  • When increasing heat setting from low to high the motor shuts off abruptly


Dyna-Glo Delux torpedo heater is a professional-grade space heater that has the necessary features required for indoor construction, outdoor construction applications, and for commercial and industrial spaces too. It is also an ideal choice for heating the garage space in your home.

The portable feature makes it perfect for use wherever you need it. The CSA safety listing, automatic shut off during overheating feature, and protective casing makes it a safe heater to handle. Further, it boasts of convenient handling features including the piezoelectric ignition switch that you can use single-handedly, adjustable options for heat angle, and a sturdy handle for easy maneuvering.

The capacity is also sufficient for heating an area of around 1000 square feet easily. Although the heater has minor hitches such as noise during operation and ignition switch issues, the advantages outweigh the drawbacks easily making it an ideal shopper’s choice when it comes to torpedo heaters for commercial and home use