Pelonis HO-0201 Space Heater Review

Pelonis HO-0201 Space Heater Review

When the temperature drops to unimaginable levels, you scurry to get as warm as possible. Space heaters are ideal in such situations. They help heat up any space in your home providing the supplemental heating you want. But not all space heaters are made equal.  You need to look for a good quality heater that satisfies all your important requirements. The oil-filled heaters offer the advantage of better heat retention even after you switch off the power.

This makes the heater ideal for your bedroom or other areas where you want lingering warmth. Since it is not safe to have the heater on when you sleep, you can have the heater running for a couple of hours before you go to bed, so it will radiate heat even after you turn off the power.

The Pelonis HO-0201 space heater is one such model that can be a perfect fit for your heating requirements. Pelonis is a renowned name in the home appliances industry with more than three decades of experience in providing products that satisfy customer needs suitably.

How Does The Pelonis HO-0201 Space Heater Work?

The Pelonis HO-0201 space heater has a radiator that houses big heating elements. The elements heat the air in a room and circulate the air all over the room by convection. The heater is ideal for heating a living room, family room, basement, and bedroom.


Pelonis HO-0201 Space Heater Features

Here are the important features of the Pelonis HO-0201 Space Heater:

  • Adjustable thermostat that has three comfort choices which include a high power of 1500 watts, medium power of 900 watts, and low at 600 watts.
  • Automatic shutoff feature on   overheating and safety switch that tips over when the heater overheats
  • Four caster wheels help to move the heater easily wherever you need it
  • The power cord of 70-inch length is housed in a cord wrap and the heater is fitted with  a handle for easy maneuvering


Pelonis space heater consists of a control panel with three settings that are easy to use including light, control for power setting, and control for the thermostat. The oil-filled radiator does not need to be refilled. It is very effective and efficient even in its low heat setting of 600 watts. The heater has dimensions that include 13.8 inches x 11 inches x 25.2 inches. The heater weighs 16.9 pounds.

Ease of Use

Pelonis space heater has four casters with swivel feature attached, which can move 360 degrees easily. This helps to move the heater wherever you need it effortlessly. Make sure the caster wheels are properly attached, while you assemble the heater.

The heater does not produce any annoying noise from the oscillating fans or other heater sounds while operating. Thus you can enjoy a peaceful time in the living room or den as you soak up the warmth and get cozy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Safe is the Pelonis HO-0201 Space Heater?


Space heaters need to be used carefully as there is always the danger of overheating and accidents. The Pelonis HO 0201 takes care of your safety concerns with its auto shut down feature. The heater shuts down automatically when it accidentally tips over or overheats. Thus you can ensure your family and home are safe and sound.

While oil filled space heaters still need electricity to operate, they use the oil for storing heat. The stored heat is transferred into the room via a convection process enabling a warm space for a longer time. While this is a good thing, you have to be careful to not touch the outer parts of the space heater as they heat up and can cause burns or fire, if you are not careful.

Is the Pelonis HO-0201 Space Heater Easy to Maintain?

Care of Pelonis heater is easy as you need to just use a damp and soft cloth to wipe the dust and other dirt particles present on the heater. Avoid using harsh abrasives or detergents. Ensure you remove the power cord from the socket and make sure the heater cools down before you clean the heater.

How Does the Pelonis HO-0201 Space Heater Perform?

The thermostat used in Pelonis oil filled heater is backed by the power of three settings namely 600 watts, 900 watts, and 1500 watts. The voltage used by the heater is 120VAC and the frequency is 60 HZ. It has an output of 5200 BTUs. The three settings are controlled manually. The three different power settings of the thermostat enable you to heat your room to the required temperature and achieve a consistent and comfortable temperature. The space heater can easily warm space of about 150 square feet.

Does the Pelonis HO-0201 Space Heater Have Warranty?

Pelonis provides a limited warranty of one year for the HO 0201 space heater.

Pros of Pelonis HO 0201 heater

  • Heat output is very strong
  • Three different thermostat settings make adjusting temperature easier
  • Automatic shut off when the heater tips over or when it overheats is a safe feature
  • The heater does not produce any annoying noise or vibration while  it is in use

Cons of Pelonis HO 0201 heater

  • Handle does not have a good grip so it is difficult to move the heater from one place to another
  • Quality is not good


Space heaters are ideal additions to any home as they offer a cost-effective and convenient way to keep any room in your home cozy and comfortable. Instead of heating the entire home, you can focus on the room that you spend most of your time in. Thus using space heaters saves you on the electricity bill.

The Pelonis HO-0201 space heater is ideal if you want to heat your living room, bedroom, basement, dorm, den, or any other room in your house. The strong output of heat is ideal when you have large space heating needs. With the appropriate safety measures inbuilt in the heater, it is safe when you have active kids in your home.

The silent operation is another big advantage especially when you are looking for a relaxing time after a hard day at work.  The only gripe with the heater is the poorly designed handle which makes it difficult to move around.