Honeywell HCE100G Heat Bud Ceramic Heater Review

Honeywell HCE100G Heat Bud Ceramic

Who does not like heat in winters? Honeywell heater is made of ceramic and is a portable device that provides the right amount of heat as per your preferences. It provides a solution that is energy efficient in cold weather. You can use it in your personal space at your home, school, or office. It keeps you warm and cozy when the weather is chilly.

You can use Honeywell Heat Bud as soon as you receive it since you don’t have to assemble it. It comes in a modern design with an attached chord of 6 feet in length, which enables you to place it anywhere in a room. The heater will help you not thinking about the miserable weather outside once you start using it.

We all use a heater that warms us so much that we don’t feel like turning it off and even if we do switch it off, we start getting cold again. The Honeywell ceramic heater is useful for someone who wants to use it in his or her personal space without shivering at the thought of cold. So, read on to get a full review of this device.

Features of Honeywell Heater

Have a look at the features of Honeywell heater HCE100G heat bud ceramic heater:

  • Manual controls that are easy to use
  • Comes with 2 heat settings, high is 250 watts and low is 170 watts
  • Tip-over switch
  • Comes with overheat protection
  • Warranty of 3 years
  • Assembled fully
  • Has a cool tough housing
  • Efficient ceramic heating technology that offers a fast and hassle-free personal warmth

Design and Construction of Honeywell Heater

The Honeywell heater is equipped with ceramic technology. This cute and beautiful looking heater has a length equal to 2 hands. It is available in different colors, which means you get a lot of variety and choices when you buy this heater. You can go for any of these colors: red, black, green, or white. It is a tiny sized heater that does not take any space and you can keep it almost anywhere.

If overheating occurs, the ceramic plate of the Honeywell portable heater shuts off, thus ensuring safety and preventing a burning risk. The device uses a maximum of 250 watts. It has a one-button control and is lightweight in nature, which adds to its portable and mobile nature.

The Honeywell heater weighs 1.36 pounds and comes in a feather-light design. The length, height, and width of this heater are 5, 7.8, and 4 inches. It is outfitted with a handle that is provided on the backside of the heater.

Is Honeywell Heater Convenient to Use?

You can easily slide Honeywell heater HCE100G in a backpack while traveling or you can even take it to your workplace. You can easily place this portable heater anywhere. It comes with an element called ceramic heating that provides quick and thorough heating. Its fan rarely makes any noise so that you are not at risk of any distractions from what you are doing.

This product works great in places that have power cuts more often. You can always put this device underneath or on tables, workspaces, and desks. If the device shuts off after a minute, don’t worry, as the device will turn on again after you leave it alone for 10 to 15 minutes.

How Safe is The Honeywell Heater?


The Honeywell portable heater is equipped with a wide array of safety features in order to ensure the safety of its user. First of all, the housing of this heater is constructed using flame-resistant plastic, which means it is cool whenever you touch it.

If the Honeywell heater falls, a tip-over switch helps in shutting it off automatically. The heater comes with an overheat protection feature that forces it to cool down by disengaging the heater’s power before it is turned on again.

The heater works fine in a smaller setting. A power light indicator is fitted in the heater that glows red in order to inform the user that the appliance is in working mode. There are no digital or manual controls, which provide efficiency to the Honeywell portable heater.

In addition to this, whenever you move the heater, the fan stops, thus ensuring the safety of its user, a feature that is amazing. This is done via a sensor in the heater. In case, you want to be more careful when using a space heater, you can go through these tips.

Is The Honeywell Heater Powerful?


The Honeywell heater HCE100G offers a fair amount of heat. It starts to warm the surrounding air in a matter of seconds after it is turned on. Moreover, the heater does not provide unbearable heat. Don’t go by the small size of this heater since it’s quite powerful to provide even and fast heat without any disturbances, even though it provides warmth just in the nearby space.

The compact Honeywell heater works on 2 different heat settings, that is, 170 watts for the low setting and 250 watts for the high setting. The heater comes with the added feature of having a power light (red in color) in the front. You can watch this YouTube video in order to know more about the Honeywell heater HCE100.

Pros of Honeywell heater

  • Doesn’t make any  noise or disturbance
  • Compact size and high on looks
  • Works on low electricity
  • The housing doesn’t heat up
  • Comes with a tip over protection
  • Affordable
  • Great for personal use

Cons of Honeywell heater

  • You can only warm up your hands or the portion of your body that is kept in front of the heater, which means it can’t warm up your entire body
  • Covers up only an area of 4 inches and you can feel no heat beyond this area


Sometimes, we look for a portable mini heater for our homes and workplaces. The Honeywell heater is perfect for such a setting because it emits the amount of heat that is actually needed. It is compact and does not make any noise.

Many a time, the customer is not in the need of a heavy-duty heater because they don’t have a large area. This device is perfect for such a setting. It is a wonderful personal heater and is a must-try. Build with sturdy construction, the Honeywell portable heater will certainly not be the cause behind a power outage at your home or office as compared to other larger heaters.

Overall, the Honeywell heater is easy on the pocket and can very well provide warmth in chilly weather. You can use it in your kitchen, workplace, or office cubicle. This is how versatile this portable heater is. Although it will warm only some portion of your body, it will help you stay warm. In addition to this, the compact heater is energy efficient because the only amount of power it uses is 250 watts, which reduces its running cost.

You can place the Honeywell heater next to your computer in your workplace and easily turn it on or off. This device comes with a lot of features and is recommended to stay warm during the cold winters. You can choose from a wide array of colors that this heater comes in if you decide to buy it. Also, you can take it with you the next time you travel!