Ontel Handy Heater Review

Ontel Handy Heater

There are more than enough portable heaters on the market, but just like any other device, the industry starts to offer smaller and more powerful options so we are left with a variety of choices.

Nevertheless, there is portable, there is movable and then there is a handy heater, which you can use on the go and is as big as a Bluetooth speaker is and fits in your carry-on just fine. This review is about everything you want to know about the handy heater and how it will warm your small space wherever you go.

Key Features of the Ontel Handy Heater


Ontel Handy Heater Specs

Heating Power350 Watt
Dimensions4.5×5.7×7.8 inches
Weight1.21 pounds
  • Lightweight – at just a bit over a pound there isn’t a place where you can’t put this heater, where you can’t let it rest in an outlet on the wall or just move it as need be 
  • Ease of use – plug and play. Just plug the heater into your nearest outlet and set everything up via the digital display
  • Compact design – not much bigger than your average portable speaker or even some headphones, it is easy to pack it for a trip and use it whenever the need occurs
  • Safety – the body of the heater is cool to the touch so you don’t have to worry if you have children around or just accidentally touching it and getting burnt
  • Energy-efficient – most small utilities need a lot of power in order to maintain optimal performance but not in this case

Review of the Ontel Handy Heater



Small, sleek and good looking, as seen on TV, this great little heater looks better than most competitors available on the market do. What it lacks in wattage, it gives in looks and functionality.

A cool digital display shows you the temperature with easy to operate buttons on both of its sides and a simple on and off switch when you just need an outlet to plug it in. 


The Ontel Handy Heater does exactly what it promises. If you have a small room of about 200-250 square feet you need to heat up in no time, then this is your best option. Energy-efficient, easy to set up and fast at work.

If you are looking for a bathroom or a small office room to keep warm, while you are there, the Handy Heater will do great in these conditions. If you need it on the go, just pack it up in your backpack or carry on and have it with you at all times. The feature to turn it sideways also makes perfect for places where the outlets are hard to workaround.

Pros and Cons of the Ontel Handy Heater

The Good

  • Slim design and easy to store for travel, unlike competitors such as the Miaboo heater, which is bulkier
  • User-friendly with a simple plugging into any outlet in your home or wherever you are
  • Digital thermostat with intuitive keys on all sides to adjust heat and speed as well as an on/off timer
  • Child safe. It is cool to the touch so you do not have to worry about children accidentally burning themselves
  • Pivoting of the heater body. Once plugged, you can rotate the heater to 180 degrees, depending on where your outlet is situated or where you want to direct the heat

The Bad

  • Less powerful than others. For the price tag, compared to other small handy heaters, such as the Lonove space heater, which is about the same price, you get 350W of power compared to a 1500W one for $5-$10 more from Lonove. You are essentially opting for a cool design, though.
  • Some chemical smell. Like any utility, you start using, similar to a new stove or heater, they all have production chemicals, which have to disappear with continuous use, yet with a small heater like this, it might get uncomfortable, especially since you are looking to heat up a smaller space, and so the smell might be more intense.

Popular Handy Heater FAQs

Does Handy Heater Work?

Yes. The Handy Heater is a space heater and certainly can work wonders in a confined space where you need this extra heat at times, for example in your bathroom in the morning, at a campsite where you have an outlet or your office when you need this extra bit of heat to make you feel good.

Is the Handy Heater Safe?

The Handy Heater does have a cool outer body making it safe to the touch, so you do not have to worry about yourself, children or pets, accidentally touching it. u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eHowever, it does not have an auto switch-off function if it heats up too much, so be careful about putting blankets or towels over it by mistake.

Where to buy Handy Heater?

The Ontel Handy Heater can be purchased at many different locations, including Amazon.com as well as from many other resellers such as Walmart.

How Many Watts is the Handy Heater?

The Handy Heater has a power of 350 Watts, which is not as much as some competitors, but at the same time can use that power to heat up to 250 square feet of space.

How to Use the Handy Heater?

This heater is fantastic with its sleek design and ease of use compared to most others. It is as simple as finding an outlet you want to use, plugging it indirectly, rotating the heater if you need room for the vents or the outlet is at an awkward place and setting up the thermostat to the desired temperature.

The digital thermostat makes for a lot of ease to set the room temperature to your desire and, if you have the need for it, there is a 12 hour on/off timer where you can set your preferred time for the heater to go off or turn on.


The Ontel Handy Heater is a gem amongst many portable heaters. It could make a perfect addition to any household. Yes, some other competitors have better options but sometimes companies make the decision to give you exactly what you might need without too many unnecessary features. Considering the price tag, you can try this unit and enjoy the benefits it has to offer.