Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Heater Review

Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Heater Review

Lasko 751320 ceramic tower heater is a space heater that comes along with remote control. A space heater works great for satisfying a variety of home needs related to heating. Space heaters come in various sizes for both larger and smaller settings.

A space heater provides comfort and helps in saving a lot of money on electricity bills. One of the popular space heaters available in the market is the Lasko heater 751320. It is a versatile and reliable space heater. So, let us take a look at the detailed review of the Lasko 751320 heater.

Features of the Lasko heater

Check out the features of Lasko heater 751320:

  • Heating power of 2500 watts
  • Has a remote control that contains multiple functions
  • The control panel is fully electronic in nature
  • The thermostat is programmable and comes with a timer of 7 hours
  • Settings are provided for low heat and high heat
  • Auto setting feature for heating controlled by a thermostat
  • An elongated ceramic heating element
  • For providing room coverage, it has a feature of widespread elongation
  • Built-in safety features
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Comes in a fully assembled form
  • ETL listed
  • Comes with a warranty of 3 years

Design and Construction of the Lasko Heater

The design and construction of the Lasko heater is something you should know. It is attached with a 6-feet long power cord. The dimensions of this heater are 8.5, 7.25, and 23 inches in length, breadth, and height. Its weight is around 7.2 pounds.

Lasko 751320 heater is designed to work on a 120 volt supply. It also uses a current of 12.5 amps. This means that the Lasko heater needs a 15 amp circuit breaker or fuse. A control panel is present on the space heater’s top, which helps in setting up the temperature and mode.

The buttons start to beep when they are pressed. The temperature settings can be done in intervals of 5 degrees. Moreover, the Lasko Tower Heater comes with a remote control that helps in controlling the heater from a certain distance.

Is The Lasko Heater Convenient to Use?


Lasko heater is very convenient to use, especially if you want to heat up a kid’s room. As it is made of a ceramic material, there is no worry about the kid knocking it over and thus starting a fire. The ceramic material used in this heater doesn’t make the exterior hot.

In addition to this, the Lasko tower heater comes with a remote control that provides ease. It is outfitted with a handle, offering hassle-free carrying from place to place. Lasko heater is user-friendly since it can be placed anywhere, even in a room with not much space since it takes a very less amount of floor space.

These heaters are convenient to use for a room size of almost every size but one must make sure that the room is not open or large. You can also learn some fun facts about heating before you consider using the Lasko heater.

Furthermore, the Lasko heater comes with the benefit of having a ceramic element that is self-regulating and offers overheat protection at an automatic level. The remote control of this heater also has the feature of performing multiple functions, which indicates that you don’t have to get up every time you wish to make a change in any of its heat settings.

How Safe is The Lasko Heater?

The Lasko Heater is a safe buy due to the presence of ceramic material in it. The device has a safety feature that won’t pose any threat to kids and adults alike. If you take good care of this space heater, then the product will provide years of reliable heating. And, if your space heater has gone awry and you want to fix it, then this video can help you with it:

The Lasko heater has a heating element that does not give a red-hot glow and is put behind the guarding plastic grille. This means you cannot come in contact with the heating element in any way. The plastic grille does get warm, but it still puts up some heat. However, this will never cause any kind of burns to the user.

The Lasko Tower Heater offers different temperatures, including Max, 85, 80, 75, 70, 65, and 60°F. However, the power cord of the heater isn’t too long, which makes it hard to position far away from a wall socket. The timer of the programmable thermostat has a duration of 7 hours and it can be controlled by the heater or the remote controller.

Customer Review of The Lasko Heater

Some positive reviews of the Lasko heater have stated that this product can be used easily. But, it is most preferred for rooms with a smaller area. Customers have not faced any malfunctioning problem with this heater.

On the other hand, the Lasko heater has also got some flak. The device sometimes stops working after a few years of use. Some customers have complained that the heater exudes a smell of plastic when the heater becomes a few months old.

But overall, the Lasko Ceramic Heater is great and is very easy to use whenever it is operated. It is made of high-quality components and the best part about the Lasko heater is that you can move it around to the corners of the house easily wherever you don’t get the supply of the overall home heating system.


  • Comes in 3modes
  • Has a programmable thermostat
  • Starts to provide effective heating just after its start
  • ETL listed
  • Makes no noise
  • Doubles up as an oscillating heater that helps in an efficient movement of hot air around the room


  • Comes in High Heat mode always
  • If someone gets knocked over the heater, it does not turn off since it comes without a safety feature like this
  • Does not have a fan mode


The Lasko heater is constructed using high quality ceramic and accompanies a remote controller. It can be used to utilize 1500 watts and if it runs for the entire 24 hours, only 36 kW/hour will be used. Tower heaters generally take up little space and are good for rooms with a smaller setting.

The Lasko heater can be cleaned without any hassle, is hugely efficient, and easily usable. The heater is told to reach the temperature that is set and can very well be one of your best buys. The Lasko heater is great for use in the rooms of kids as well as adults owing to its safety features.

However, customers must ensure that they keep this heater at a minimum distance of 3 feet from anything that is flammable. Since Lasko is a popular brand, it is worth your trust. This space heater is ideal for medium-sized rooms up to nearly 225 sq. ft.

The Lasko heater is very easy to use and can be conveniently moved around the home without any hassles.  This versatile room heater offers superior and reliable performance at an affordable price. You’ll definitely love the Lasko tower heater once you buy it.