The 5 Best Freestanding Gas Fireplaces

The Best Freestanding Gas Fireplaces

Freestanding gas fireplaces are ideal for the person who loves fireplaces, but who do not want to pay for or do the work to install a chimney in their home.

They are also more efficient than a chimney in most cases since the warm air is not being pulled outside. The great thing is that with a freestanding gas fireplace, you can enjoy the warmth and aesthetically pleasing view that you would get from a more traditional fireplace.

You can learn more about the differences here. Something else to keep in mind though is that because these are powered by gas, you do not have to worry about cutting and hauling wood.

What Is The Best Freestanding Gas Fireplace?

Our pick from this list of best gas fireplaces is the ProCom Vent-Free Dual Fuel Stove- 25,000 BTU – Model QNSD250T.

This fireplace was chosen as the best because even though the price is high, you get the most for your dollar. Because it does feature a vent, it can be used in any state. It also heats your home quickly and efficiently and the realistic fire appearance and exquisite cast iron construction make it beautiful to look at.

The 5 Best Selling Freestanding Gas Fireplaces:

Here are the 5 best selling freestanding gas fireplaces on

Bestseller No. 1
ProCom Ventless 25,000 BTU Space Saving Free Standing Dual Fuel Fireplace with Built In Thermostat Control Heats up to 1,100 Square Feet, Black
  • TECHNOLOGY - 25, 000 BTU Patented DUAL FUEL TECHNOLOGY using Natural Gas or Liquid Propane which Heats up to 1, 100 sq. ft.
  • DEPENDABLE - The built-in Thermostat Control offers automatically cycle the stove heater on and off to maintain a desired room temperature. Ideal for greater heat flow that could add the warm atmosphere in your room.
  • ECONOMICAL - 99. 9% efficient with Vent Free gas burner. No outside duct or chimney needed! Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation.
Bestseller No. 2
Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH20DT 20,000 BTU 23.5 in. Compact Gas vent free stove
  • Dual fuel technology allows the unit to be operated with Propane or Natural Gas
  • Up to 20,000 BTU's/hr heats up to 700 sq. ft.
  • Thermostat control knob automatically maintains your ideal heat level
Bestseller No. 3
ProCom QNSD250T-R Vent Free Dual Fuel Stove, Freestanding Fireplace and Indoor Space Heater, Use with Natural Gas or Liquid Propane, Heats up to 1,100 Square Feet, 25,000 BTU, Refurbished
  • TECHNOLOGY & STYLE: 25,000 BTU patented Dual Fuel Technology using natural gas or liquid propane to heat up to 1,100 sq. ft.; 5 improved realistic looking logs and space saving design give a stunning look
  • DEPENDABLE SPACE HEATER WITH THERMOSTAT: Built-in thermostat control on the gas fireplace automatically cycles the room heater on and off to maintain a desired room temperature; Certified refurbished heater includes all original accessories as like as new
  • ECONOMICAL ROOM HEATER: 99.9% efficient with vent free gas burner; No outside duct or chimney needed for the natural gas and propane stove; Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation
SaleBestseller No. 4
Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Ventless Gas Fireplace System with Mantle, Remote Control, 5 Fire Logs, Use with Natural Gas or Liquid Propane, 26000 BTU, Heats up to 1350 Sq. Ft., Walnut
  • VENTLESS DUAL FUEL TECHNOLOGY: Patented technology gives the option to fuel the Fireplace System with either Natural Gas or Liquid Propane; 26000 BTU Vent Free gas heater is 99.9% efficient; No outside duct or chimney is needed to heat up to 1350 sq. ft.
  • REMOTE CONTROL FEATURES: The gas fireplace insert includes a remote control with LCD screen to turn the Natural Gas or Liquid Propane burner on and off; Toggle between Manual and Thermostat control to set desired temperature
  • STYLISH: 5 hand-painted realistic ceramic fiber faux fireplace logs ensure a long life for the indoor fireplace insert; Furniture-grade fireplace mantle features light distressing & burnishing on edges; Mesh Screen completes the look
Bestseller No. 5
ProCom PCNSD25TA Three-Sided Vent Free Dual Fuel Stove, Freestanding Fireplace and Indoor Space Heater, Use Natural Gas or Liquid Propane, Thermostat Control, Heats up to 850 Square Feet, 23,000 BTU
  • TECHNOLOGY & STYLE: 23,000 BTU patented Dual Fuel Technology using natural gas or liquid propane to heat up to 850sq. ft.; 8 hand painted realistic looking ceramic logs and space saving design give a stunning look
  • DEPENDABLE SPACE HEATER WITH THERMOSTAT: Built-in thermostat control on the gas fireplace automatically cycles the room heater on and off to maintain a desired room temperature
  • ECONOMICAL ROOM HEATER: 99.9% efficient with vent free gas burner; No outside duct or chimney needed for the natural gas and propane stove; Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation

The 5 Best Freestanding Gas Fireplaces:

Below we list and review the 5 best freestanding gas stoves you can currently buy directly online and have shipped to your front door.

1. ProCom Vent-Free Dual Fuel Stove- 25,000 BTU – Model QNSD250T


This ventless fireplace is safe to run in your home without running any airlines outside. It can provide an impressive 25,000 BTUs of heat. An advantage of this fireplace is that it runs on either liquid propane or natural gas.

This means that you can choose to run it on whichever fuel is most affordable and available at the time. It can easily heat several rooms or small homes, up to 1,100 sq. ft. This great energy efficiency and ability to warm your house comes at less than $350, which is lower than average for this style of fireplace.

A great feature of this freestanding fireplace is its thermostatic control. You can set your desired temperature and the unit will turn itself on and off as needed to maintain that level of heat.

Appearance-wise, this fireplace is pleasing to look at. It looks like an authentic fireplace and the two rows of flame light up the room beautifully. This model will also fit into any décor since it is black in color and has an elegant, but timeless design.

Something that you should keep in mind before buying this device is that ventless fireplaces are not legal in all states. Additionally, these types of heaters cannot be operated at altitudes above 4,500 feet. The disadvantage of this fireplace is that it is difficult to install.

You also must be careful of over-tightening the connections for the gas line, because they are easy to break. While it is said to be safe for indoor use, it does build up some soot in the room it is used in. It is advised that if you do choose this model, that you place it in a well-ventilated or open area.

2. Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH30DT 30,000 BTU Vent-Free Gas Stove


Like the previous model, this gas stove also features dual-fuel technology that lets you use natural gas or liquid propane. Its 30,000 BTU output easily heats 1,000 sq. ft., making it great for heating the floor of a house or a small home. Something else that you will appreciate is the two-year warranty that comes with this fireplace.

It is always reassuring to see a company standing behind the quality of their product.

Though this gas fireplace is efficient, it is also smaller sized than some other models. This means that there is a wider range of places that you can install this unit in your home. This is especially true since it does not need ventilation installed.

Also, despite the small size, this unit does not sacrifice beauty. You can enjoy the ‘burning’ of the logs and the flicks of fire as you would in a large-sized unit. Additionally, the black, classically designed exterior will fit into any décor.

You will not have to worry about stressing over lighting a pilot light or anything with this model, because it features an electronic spark ignition. Additionally, a thermostat knob allows you to control the heat and find the perfect temperature for your home.

For safety, this unit has an automatic shut off when low oxygen levels are detected. It will also power down to prevent a fire if the unit starts to overheat. One more feature that you will appreciate is the available variable-speed blower. Though this is sold separately, it is compatible and will create quiet, but efficient heat distribution throughout your home.

The biggest disadvantage of this unit is that it is hard to see the control knob, which is located on the back of the unit. This is especially true for shorter people. Since there is no ability to connect a remote control, it can be a continuous nuisance for some people.

3. Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH20DT 20,000 BRU Compact Vent-Free Gas Stove


This small unit is great for areas that are 700 sq. ft. or smaller. It costs under $400, which is a very fair price for the quality. You can use either natural gas or propane in this fireplace and it outputs 20,000 BTU per hour.

Unlike the other smaller, more affordable fireplaces on this list, this model comes with a 2-year warranty so ensure that your hard-earned money is not wasted.

A thermostat that is located on the front of the device lets you control the temperature in the room. Simply choose one of the pre-set temperature settings and let the device go. It will shut off when it reaches the correct temperature and re-ignite itself when it gets cold again.

This allows it to heat your home efficiently and you do not have to worry about switching the unit on and off every time you need to regulate the temperature.

The major downside of this unit is the placement of the temperature knob. If you look at the placement of the knob in the manufacturer’s picture, it appears to be on a panel beneath the front of the fireplace.

In reality, the panel is slightly back from the front of the device so that you have to reach under the unit to adjust the temperature or power it on or off. This is something that must be done carefully to prevent burns when the unit is hot, which makes it inconvenient.

4. Napoleon GVFS20 Arlington Cast Iron Natural Gas Stove

Napoleon GVFS20 Arlington Cast Iron Natural Gas Stove – Black

This model is more than $1,000 higher in price than the two previous models, but that is because of its incredible European cast iron construction. If you want a solid, durable gas fireplace that exudes style and exquisiteness, this is the ideal option.

It will match any home décor is well, which is great because this model will last for many years. It features the option of using propane or gas to heat your home. Additionally, it is a vent-free model that puts out up to 23,000 BTUs of heat.

In addition to its beauty, this unit stands out because of the realistic ‘fire’ that glows in its hearth. You can see the flicks of the flames from the PHAZERAMIC burning system.

When paired with the ceramic fiber PHAZER logs and the ‘burning’ bed of embers, there is nothing that you can desire from an aesthetic viewpoint. To add to this beauty, a MIRRO-FLAME reflective rear panel gives the illusion that there are two fires burning.

Inside of the fireplace, a millivolt system offers heat control and automatically adjusting flame. There is also a shut off for low oxygen levels, paired with a SAFEGUARD control system for the gas of the unit. This freestanding fireplace is a great choice if you have children in the home since it comes with a safety screen.

The safety screen may get warm, but it will prevent children from sticking their hands directly into the hot heater. It also helps prevent fire, should the unit tip over. Finally, this comes with a President’s lifetime limited warranty.

The downside of this fireplace model is the cost. While $1,600+ may seem like a lot to pay upfront though, it is well worth the cost.

5. Napoleon Arlington Direct Vent Cast Iron Gas Stove


Though this is advertised as a natural gas heater, it is also able to be used with propane. This costs just under $1,900. Though it’s on the higher end of the price spectrum, it is still a fair price for the time you will be able to use the heater.

With a cast iron construction, this stove is built to last. Something else to note about this stove is that while the previous models have been vent-less, this features a direct vent. This is available in all areas, therefore, and the direct vent also ensures that any gas fumes are carried out of your home.

This cast iron fireplace is also exquisitely designed. The PHAZER log set is paired with a MIRROR-FLAME technology to create a realistic-looking fire inside. As an added benefit, there is no electricity required so your home will stay warm even when the power.

The unit also heats well, because of its heat transferring ceramic glass that radiates warmth from all side. Finally, this fireplace is easy to operate because of its on/off switch.

The downside of this unit is that there is not a warranty. However, you can get 2-year protection for less than $100 and you can get 5-year protection for just over $100. When you are spending so much on the unit itself, the little extra money for the warranty is well worth it. It is also a little more difficult to install because of the direct vent system.

Buying Guide for Freestanding Gas Fireplaces

There are several considerations to take before buying a freestanding gas fireplace because a good model is going to be around for the next decade or even longer. It will give you that beautiful appearance that you want and heat your home efficiently. Here is what you need to know before making your purchase.

Where Will it Fit in Your Home

Something else to consider is where you will be placing the fireplace. This will depend on the space that you have, as well as the décor that you currently have in the room you will use it in.

The good news is that freestanding fireplaces come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. There are different designs available as well so that you can be sure that the fireplace you choose suits both your home décor and your personal style.

How Much Space You Want to Heat

For any heater, the size unit that you choose and the heat setting you have it on should be set according to room size. If you do not choose an appropriately sized gas fireplace, it will either overheat or underheat the room. This also wastes gas, since the fireplace will be working harder than it needs to.

Temperature Adjustment

You will not need the fireplace to burn the same temperature to heat the room in 20-degree weather as you would in 40-degree weather. To stay comfortable, it is important that you can easily adjust the heat.

Some models use a thermostat to control this, while others require you to adjust a pilot light.

Vented vs. Ventless Freestanding Gas Fireplace

One major difference between the types of freestanding gas fireplaces is whether a vent is required. A vented fireplace requires a small chimney or flue that sucks the fumes including smoke and carbon monoxide outside of the home.

If you are going to choose a vented version, be sure that it uses a direct vent instead of a chimney or flue. The direct vent will help conserve energy because it runs one pipe inward to feed the fire and another outward to remove fumes from the fire, meaning your heat is not being released outside.

A ventless fireplace, like a ventless propane heater, does not use a vent that leads outside, because they have features that preserve indoor air quality. To ensure these types of units are safe, be sure there is a sensor to detect low oxygen levels and an immediate shut down when they are detected.

Something else to keep in mind is that these types of units tend to produce moisture, so try to use it in a room that is the right size to prevent over-saturation of the living space. You can learn more about the major differences in these types of fireplaces here.

Freestanding Gas Fireplace Alternatives

If you’re not already sold on a gas fireplace then you also have the option of an electric fireplace. They’re a bit easier to run, as nothing is being burned and you don’t need to replace any gas, but they don’t have the same ambiance as the real flame from a gas fireplace.


Finding the perfect freestanding gas fireplace depends on the size of the room you are trying to heat and some of your personal standards.