The 10 Best Pellet Stoves

The Best Pellet Stoves

Need a little heat? Whether you need to heat your entire home or just a room, a pellet stove will get the job done. They are also ideal for the homeowner who doesn’t want to run up their energy bill during the colder months.

The best wood pellet burning stove will be efficient, safe, and affordable. For that reason, we believe the best pellet stove is the Pleasant Hearth 50000 BTU Pellet Stove with 120-Pound Hopper.

This stove is ideal for someone who wants minimal interaction with their pellet stove. The large hopper means that more pellets can be added that in any of the other units listed. Additionally, this heats an impressive 2,200 feet to your set temperature, before powering down so your home does not get too hot. The 5-year warranty also sealed the deal, since it is easier to trust a company that believes in their product.

Remember, however, that not every pellet stove is one-size-fits-all for any home. Always be aware of the recommended square footage for heating and choose accordingly. Decide which features are most important to you, then find a stove that satisfies both these standards.

Pellet stoves have a similar appearance to fireplace inserts and wood stoves. Instead of burning whole wood, they burn pellets made of compacted materials like recycled sawdust, peanut and walnut shells, wood shavings, and corn.

They save money on heating costs the smaller pieces of ‘wood’ burn cleaner, more efficiently, and hotter than normal logs.

The 10 Best Pellet Stoves:

If you are looking for a cleaner, more affordable way to heat your home, consider one of these 10 best pellet stoves below.

1. Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style 50000 BTUs Pellet Stove


  • Exceptional power output 
  • Great 5-year warranty
  • User-friendly
  • A large hopper means fewer refills 


  • The fan can be noisy
  • Some question the build quality (but then, it has a great warranty)

This is an ideal pellet stove for larger homes, with heating capabilities for up to 2,200 square feet. It’s 85% efficiency rating and EPA approval makes it ideal for people who want to really cut costs on their heating bill.

It also comes packed with features, like an outside air kit (which makes the heater a good choice for mobile homes) and a convection blower. It is easy to install and features 5 separate heat settings, a dial-up thermostat that makes adjusting the temperature easy, and a separate option for continuous operation either on minimum or maximum heat.

This stove also shuts itself down once the set temperature has been reached, so your home does not get too hot. Another great feature is the air wash system, which improves the quality of the air in your home.

This Pleasant Hearth stove is also a good choice for people who want their stove to reflect elegance and beauty. It features an arched ceramic glass window, a solid black design with a black cast iron door, and a spring chrome handle.

The stove is also easy to use since it features a large, 120-pound hopper that means fewer trips with pellet bags. If you fill it up, the stove could easily heat your home for up to two days.

Finally, this pellet stove has a solid warranty for five years. This is a longer warranty than the average for the market, so it is nice to see a company standing behind the quality of their product with such a long warranty.

The one major downside of this stove is the loud noises that come from the convection fan. The fan can be disturbingly loud, even when on the lowest setting. This can become annoying quickly, but the fan is able to be replaced if you choose to.

2. Castle 12327 Serenity Wood Pellet Stove with Smart Controller


  • 5 Blower speed options 
  • Easy installation 
  • Programmable controls 
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to clean 


  • Manual temperature control/shutoff 
  • Not the largest hopper 

One of the reasons that people may decide against a pellet stove is because they do not have a chimney or flue in the home. This is not a problem with the Serenity pellet stove, because it is able to be installed with direct ventilation.

The install is also easy, taking most non-professionals less than two hours to get the job done. In addition to being direct vented, this model has a certification to be used in mobile homes, as well as certification of its air quality safety from the EPA.

Another great feature of the Serenity is its included programmable controller. If you have a busy schedule, then this is ideal for getting your home warm before you arrive. The controller lets you set a different schedule for the days of the week, which means you can have the temperature cooler when you are not at home and when you sleep, but still have the house warm when you wake up and when you return home.

This is made possible by a built-in thermostat that tests the surrounding atmosphere and then warms it until the temperature reaches your preferred setting.

This model is ideal for heating areas around 1,500 square feet or smaller. In addition to its programming features, it has a manual setting where you can choose from 5 different blower speeds and feed rates.

This means that regardless of whether you want it blazing hot or just warm, there is a setting for you. Additionally, this unit features an ashtray that makes clean-up easy and more than 69.8% thermal efficiency. You can learn more about thermal efficiency here.

The one downside of this unit is that it must be manually turned off if you do not use it with the programmer. For example, if your room temperature is at 65 degrees and you set it for 70 degrees, the unit will run at high speed until 70 degrees is reached. Then, the stove switches to a lower setting but continues to heat the room until manually shut off.

3. Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH20DT Compact Vent-Free Gas Stove


  • User-friendly
  • Good coverage
  • Thermostat control 
  • Natural gas compatible 


  • Some concerns over durability

If you want an efficient unit that can heat up to 700 square feet at an affordable cost, this is a quality, affordable unit. Even costing less than $400, this unit does not skimp on quality. It heats efficiently and quickly fills the room with warmth.

It is also easy to operate, with thermostat control that allows you to set a temperature that the unit then meets before powering down again. One thing to note about the thermostat is that the controls are set farther back than they appear in the picture, however, they are still accessible when the unit is running.

Something to note is that this is an alternative to pellets. It is ideal for people who want to enjoy a fire, but do not want to burn wood pellets. This stove can be powered by liquid propane or natural gas. It is also vent-free, meaning that you can install it without the use of a flue or chimney.

Even though it burns either propane or gas, its energy efficiency allows it to have a small environmental footprint. Something to keep in mind is that the ignition in this unit is powered by a AAA battery. If you cannot get the unit to ignite, this may be the problem.

For some people, the vent-free function of this stove makes it a great option because it does not have to be run outside. In some areas, however, stoves of this stove are illegal because of safety issues. If you are unsure if this vent-free stove can be used in your home, reach out to your local energy supplier.

4. Comfortbilt Pellet Stove – HP21


  • Decent heat output
  • Looks good 
  • Solid durable build and materials 
  • Programmable thermostat 
  • Value for money


  • Somewhat pricey 
  • Exterior gets hot so a bit of a risk for children and pets

Costing just under $1,500, this unit would seem expensive to the untrained eye. However, this pellet stove is worth it for the money, because you can easily and efficiently heat up to 24,000 square feet with it. This unit includes a powerful blower that allows the stove to quickly heat your home. It features an 86% efficiency rating, the second highest on our list. Some customers have even said that it can heat an entire two-floor home.

This pellet stove by Comfortbilt is also attractive to look at. It is Granite Gray in color and features a large window where you can view the beautiful fire. Additionally, an ash pan and 55-pound capacity mean you will not need to maintain the stove daily. The programmable thermostat that is included is also easy to use.

Something else to keep in mind is that this unit can save you money on your taxes too. In many states’ tax incentive programs, incentives are offered for buying equipment for a cleaner, renewable sources of energy (like for clean wood-burning pellet stoves or solar panels). Call your tax representative and find out how much you can save before making your purchase- you may find that the higher price was worth it.

This unit may not be the best choice for homes with pets and small children. This unit gets very hot, on the front, top, and sides. This makes it easy to accidentally bump into. If you do decide on this unit, buy some fencing or another material to block the pellet stove off and avoid burn injuries.

5. Nextstep Freestanding Pellet Stove Heater


  • Highly efficient 
  • Does not require constant cleaning
  • Safe 


  • Can only be used with a chimney 

This sleek, small-sized unit is pleasant to look at and is intended to heat a room or area that is 430-645 square feet. When the stove is not being used, the glass of the door is mirrored, elegant, and reflective.

When activated by heat, the glass becomes clear so that you can enjoy the view of the flames burning within. The stove is also made attractive by the handle that is located stealthily on the side of the unit instead of the front.

Another great feature of this wood pellet stove is its easy-to-use LCD display. The control panel lets the user control every aspect of their stove, including setting the lighting, stabilizing the heat and fuel consumption, feeding the stove, and cleaning the stove. It is also built for safety since the unit will shut down if it reaches 158 degrees. This makes it a good choice for homes where children or the elderly may live.

Finally, this stove has a TUV certificate and is incredibly efficient, blowing at a 90% efficiency rate. This efficiency may be caused by the warm-air vents, which are located on either side of the unit, in addition to the front. It has an easy-to-remove firepot to collect ashes, which is large enough that it only needs to be cleaned every 2-3 days.

The only major downside to this unit is that it must be run through a chimney. You may be able to purchase other attachments if you choose, but not all will be compatible. While it is mobile home safe, not many mobile homes have chimneys so set-up can be difficult in one of these situations.

6. US Stove Company US GW1949 Wiseway Non-Electric Pellet Stove


  • Decent heat output 
  • Gravity feed
  • Durable 
  • Large hopper
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • No assembly required 


  • Regular cleaning is needed
  • Gravity feed is not as reliable as it could be 

If you are looking for a reliable and durable unit that gets the job done then this is a top choice. This popular unit is made from durable steel and performs well. It delivers a powerful 40 000 BTU and can heat a large area of as much as 2 000 square feet. If you need a powerful pellet heater for larger areas this is an ideal option. 

The dimensions are L x W xH 15 x 52 x 24 inches. It requires minor assembly but this is quick and easy. 

The GW1949 operates off a gravity feed which means less maintenance. The large 60-pound hopper allows for less effort and it can last up to as much as 30 hours. 

7. US Stove 4840 Wall Mount Direct Vent Pellet Heater


  • Reliable automatic ignition
  • Slim sleek design
  • Easy installation
  • Diagnostic controls


  • Some might prefer a larger hopper size
  • Cleaning is not as easy as some other models

The 4840 is a reliable pellet stove that delivers 24,000 BTU. This will allow it to warm an area up to 1,000 Square Feet. It has a choice of 5 heat levels to achieve the perfect warmth and comfort for your environment. The automatic ignition allows you to start this heater with ease. 

It has a decent hopper that holds 28-pounds so it can run for a full 24 hours between refills. This will save some time and effort. It is a wall-mounted pellet heater so consider where you intend to place it. The diagnostic controls will make it easier to operate. It is simple to install and vents well to the outdoors. Everything you need to operate the US Stove 4840  is included. 

8. England’s Stove Works Inc. Pellet Stove


  • Highly efficient 
  • Covers a large area 
  • EPA Certified 
  • Attractive design
  • Freestanding so can be moved
  • Reliable feeder system 


  • Outside air connection is essential

This is a great option if you need plenty of heat for a larger area. The 55-SHP22 will warm an area as large as 2,200 square feet. The unit is clean and efficient which is backed up by EPA Certification. You get a lot of heat with minimal fuel. This will help to keep ongoing costs down. 

It looks good and because it is a freestanding stove you can move it if necessary. The unit is easy to operate and the feed system, which is a double cast auger, gives you a steady flow of pellets. This makes it less hassle to use.  The digital controls further enhance the user-friendly design of the 55-SHP22.

The touch-button starter makes ignition quick and easy. The blower helps to spread the heat quickly and evenly over a large space. 

9. PelPro Pellet Stove


  • Great value for money
  • Good heat and coverage
  • User-friendly
  • Large hopper for less effort 
  • Durable 


  • It can be a bit noisy 

If you are looking for an affordable pellet stove on a budget, this is one of the better options. It is made from durable steel and measures LxWxH 22.8 x 24.5 x 36.5 inches. Despite the low cost, it delivers impressive heat with an input BTU 50 000 and an output of 40 600. That is enough for most environments. 

The conveniences include a user-friendly thermostat as well as a push-button ignition. You can dial in the perfect heat for the area you use it in and it is easy to get going. It has a large hopper which will give you a good 96 hours of operation meaning less hassle for you. 

The EPA certification should give you added peace of mind that this is a quality product that is safe and reliable. The warranty is also impressive. This means that the manufacturer has faith in the build and quality of the unit. 

The PP130-B is solidly built from quality steel for durability and performance. It is portable if you need to relocate the unit. The model is user-friendly and the controls are simple yet effective. It can heat an area up to 2 500 square feet. Best of all, this pellet stove is extremely well-priced. 

10. Vogelzang VG5790 Pellet Stove


  • Sleek and modern
  • Durable materials and build
  • Large hopper
  • LED display
  • User-friendly
  • Electronic controls


  • Can be a bit noisy

This product has mixed reviews but is still a popular choice and loved by many. It has a lot to offer. The  VG5790 has a 120-pound hopper and is ultra-easy to use. The controls are electronic and it is easy to fit. You can expect a decent burn time of roughly 60 hours which means less work on your side. 

The unit has electronic controls, an LED display,  and can be connected to your thermostat. It is super easy to use. The VG5790 puts out decent heat and can warm a room up to 2 800 square feet. 

Pellet Stove Buyer’s Guide

If you have ever purchased a wood pellet stove for your home, then you may already have an idea of what to look for in the ideal stove. If not, do not fret- you will be an expert in no time.

The Efficiency of the Unit

For wood-burning pellet stoves to be efficient, you must first choose one that is practical for the size of the area you are trying to heat. Whether you need to heat a single room or your entire home, there is likely a pellet stove that is the perfect fit.

Try to find out the square footage of the area you are trying to heat before shopping. Then, find a stove that is close to or slightly higher than that square footage. Once you have a few options, look for the efficiency ratings on the unit.

Tax Incentives

Many states offer incentives to encourage their citizens to live a greener, eco-friendlier lifestyle. For this reason, they offer tax breaks for everything from solar panels to wood-burning stoves. If you cannot find out whether the unit is applicable by looking at the model, call your preferred tax office and ask them for information on what you should be looking for to save on taxes with your home heating purchase.


Unless you purchase the unit directly from the supplier, you may not be able to find a company willing to help with installation. If you must install the unit yourself, you should choose a unit that is easy to install. If you read the information on the product, you may find information on installation.

If not, do not be afraid to ask the selling company some questions. Another thing to keep in mind as you consider installation is the compatibility of the unit. If you do not have a flue or chimney in the home, you will need to find a unit that is vent-free or that directly releases the air outside.


Some wood pellet stoves stick out like a sore home. While heating your home is necessary, you should not have to purchase a bulky, unattractive unit to do so. Find something that is discreet or that will fit into your décor. You should also consider if you want to see the flames as the unit runs. For some people, it adds an aesthetical value to their homes.

Ease of Operation

From units with a simple thermostat to those with programmable controllers and setting that help clean, load the stove, and more, you must decide how easy you want the stove to be for operating. As you consider how easy it is to operate, however, consider how much control you want over the features of the pellet stove. The complexity of operation often depends on the lesser or higher amount of control that you have over the unit.


Safety should be your number one priority as you choose a wood pellet stove. Ideally, your stove should have a TUV or EPA safety rating. If you have young children in the home, you should also consider how hot or cool the unit remains outside. If the unit does get too hot for your liking, you do have the option of fencing it in.

Read the Customer Reviews

The final consideration you should make as you choose a unit is what previous buyers have to say about the product. Not everything written on the manufacturer’s packaging has to be true. They are not going to mention possible flaws or annoyances that others have with the device. For this reason, do a little research before making a purchase.

Types of pellets

Do not be fooled into thinking that all pellets are created equal. As with pellet stoves, you get good and bad. While budget is a factor, you want to look for pellets that will deliver good heat and burn for a decent amount of time. Some do a better job of this than others. Buying inferior pellets might end up costing you more in the long run. 

You also want pellets that produce minimal ash and do not have dust and debris in the bag. Moisture content is also important, the less the better. 

The two main types of pellets are hardwood and softwood. Some options contain a combination of the two. Much will depend on your pellet stove so you might have to experiment a bit to find the best option for your needs. Another difference is the type of wood used. Some pellets are made from a single wood source such as Douglas Fir, for example, while others are made from mixed woods, sawdust, and even corn. 

Types of stoves

The two main options are a free-standing pellet stove or an insert stove. An insert is used when you already have a fireplace. A freestanding unit is quick and easy to install and  can be moved if necessary. A free-standing unit will need an exhaust pipe. 

The size, shape, and design are additional factors to consider when investing in a pellet stove.  

The other difference is the position of the feeder. Some use a top-fed pellet system which safe and reliable. Others have a  stove that has bottom-fed design. This allows you to use a lower grade of pellets but will make cleaning a bit more of a hassle. 


Do you need electricity to run a pellet stove?

You will need electricity to run your pellet stove. They have a motor or auger which is electrically operated. This part of the pellet stove feeds the pellets to the heater for consistent heat. There are a few models that work manually but this can create more work.

Will these heaters help me to save on my electrical bill?

A pellet stove uses minimal electricity in comparison to an electric heater so it will definitely save you some money on your monthly electric bill. They are very economical to run. Remember to factor in the cost of the pellets but in the long run, you will see a significant saving. 

How can I maintain and lengthen the life of my pellet stove?

The most important thing you can do to extend the life of your stove is to keep it clean. This includes emptying the ash-pan regularly, cleaning the glass, and other parts of the unit. Check for rust and treat if necessary. You also want to keep the baffle and chimney clean.

Final Thoughts

A pellet stove is a great option for safe and affordable heating. Be sure to look at the options we have highlighted to find the best one for your needs. 


If you’re not sold on the pellet stove, for whichever reason, good alternatives to consider include the gas fireplace, electric fireplace, and pure gas heater.